Who is SafeLaw?

A Few Words About Us

BDI Global, LLC is a Chicago, IL based program manager founded in 2012 by a small team of cyber risk insurance underwriters, brokers, and claims handling specialists. We formed BigData Insure with the singular purpose of developing custom industry specific cyber risk insurance programs and services for small to medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”).

Prior to the introduction of SafeLaw, cyber risk insurance policies built around an organizations unique exposures were only available to Fortune 1000 companies with the resources to customize their own cyber risk insurance coverage. We believe that all policyholders are entitled to cyber risk insurance coverage designed for the exposures of their business, so we began developing cyber risk insurance coverage and services SMEs in a handful of select industries including law firms. SafeLaw was our first program, which was launched in December 2012 and it is currently the largest cyber risk program for law firms in the United States.

What is Safelaw?

SafeLaw is specialized cyber risk program created by lawyers solely to protect law firms from cyber risks. Lawyers are responsible for advising clients on their most troubling and important matters, but that’s not all—lawyers are also trusted to care for and maintain the confidentiality of their clients’ secrets and in many cases law firms are responsible for safeguarding their client’s assets as well. Today, law firms utilize computer systems to provide professional legal services, transact business for clients and store virtually every piece of critical data. These computer systems are accessible to hackers and predators from the outside through the internet, wireless connections, cell phones, and laptops, to name just a few sources. Whether it is business plans, novel designs to be patented, or a clients funds, if a lawyer cannot safeguard their clients’ confidentiality, money and property, the consequences can be dire.

The SafeLaw team is dedicated to protecting your law firm and clients from cyber threats. Generic cyber risk policies are built to cover “privacy” breaches for every industry, but they do a poor job of addressing specialized law firm cyber exposures such as confidentiality breaches, loss of high value client data, fraudulent funds transfers, and system downtime causing loss of billable hours. Likewise, generic cyber risk policies have templated privacy breach response services that don’t contemplate breaches of attorney client privilege, ABA model rules, trust account violations, or ARDC proceedings. SafeLaw was created to protect law firms from cyber risks and it’s more than just insurance–it is a complete protection plan. SafeLaw offers loss prevention and control services that help law firms identify weaknesses in their IT security, and in the event of a claim, SafeLaw can provide immediate assistance to help your firm through a crisis.

Please see our CyberRisk Insurance page for a more information on the coverage and services the SafeLaw team can offer your firm to help protect you and your clients.


Michael Flanagan


Michael is the CEO and founding member of BDI Global, LLC. Michael is the sales leader for BDI Global, LLC and primarily responsible for working with new SafeLaw distribution partners. He brings 25 years of experience in professional and cyber liability insurance. Prior to founding BDI Global, LLC, Michael was the Technology Industry Practice leader for both Arthur J. Gallagher and Aon Risk Services and is a 2 time Risk & Insurance Magazine Power Broker award winner. Michael’s extensive experience with customized professional liability insurance products for technology industry clients was the driving force behind the formation of BDI Global, LLC.

Michael Lamprecht


Michael is the President and founding member of BDI Global, LLC. Michael heads the new product development for BDI Global, LLC and is responsible for drafting new cyber risk insurance policies, setting rates and developing underwriting guidelines. Prior to BDI Global, LLC, Michael founded the cyber risk insurance practice at Arthur J. Gallagher and was the cyber risk consulting practice leader for Aon. Michael is a three time winner of the Risk & Insurance Magazine Power Broker award. He brings 20 years of experience structuring cyber risk solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Michael worked with numerous members of the legal and insurance communities to create the SafeLaw cyber risk insurance policy.

Kevin O'Hagan


Kevin M O’Hagen is the head of claims a founding member of BDI Global, LLC. Kevin heads the Cyber Liability Practice at O’Hagan Meyer in Chicago and manages the SafeLaw incident response, claims and loss control teams. Kevin’s work has seen him working with Fortune 500 Companies, Insurance Companies and other organizations to help them identify actual and potential cyber threats. Kevin created the SafeLaw incident response methodology and implemented the core SafeLaw loss prevention and control techniques.