SafeLaw Program Summary

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2The SafeLaw program was built by lawyers to provide the comprehensive cyber risk insurance coverage and services law firms need. SafeLaw incorporates industry specific coverage components, a wrap structure that dovetails with lawyers professional liability coverage, and specialized law firm incident response and claims handling services. A brief summary of the core SafeLaw program features are summarized below with links to additional information where applicable.

SafeLaw Program Features

  1. Exclusive cyber risk program for US law firms
  2. Supported by leading Underwriters At Lloyds – Best Rating A XV
  3. Limits starting at $100,000 and up to $5,000,000 is available.
  4. Deductibles starting at $2,500
  5. Minimum premium $1,000
  6. Industry based coverage,
  7. Specialized law firm incident response and claims services
  8. SafeLaw Policy includes wrap structure that dovetails with LPL insurance coverage
  9. Coverage for unknown prior acts included
  10. Selection of counsel available

SafeLaw Policy Highlights

SafeLaw was developed for the specific needs of law firms. The coverage includes first and third party protection built around the myriad of unique cyber risks facing law firms as well as regulatory requirements, ethical obligations, and contractual exposures. Some of the coverage highlights include:

  1. Third-party liability coverage for data breaches including the resulting breaches of confidentiality, privacy, and attorney client privilege;
  2. Third-party liability coverage for regulatory proceedings, administrative proceedings and disciplinary proceedings as well as resulting fines and penalties;
  3. Third-party liability coverage for media and publishing violations including trademark infringement, copyright infringement, defamation, and invasion of privacy or publicity rights;
  4. First-party coverage for expenses incurred in responding to a data breach;
  5. First-party coverage for mitigating extortion and ransomware threats
  6. First-party coverage for theft of money and securities including fraudulent funds transfer and social engineering;
  7. First-party coverage for cost to restore electronic data and software damaged in a computer attack.
  8. First-party coverage for loss of income and extra expense caused by a computer system disruption.

The coverage features listed above are just a small sampling of the coverage in SafeLaw. Please click here for a more detailed overview of SafeLaw coverage.

SafeLaw Incident Response and Claims Services

Cyber risk incidents and claims at law firms are significantly more complex than claims in other industries because cyber risk claims at law firms often involve confidential information or information subject to attorney client privilege. Therefore, we built our SafeLaw incident response team using third party legal and cyber risk specialists with an expertise in law firm claims. An overview of the SafeLaw incident response and claims handling features are listed below.

  1. Incident response and claims team staffed by law firm specialists including: (1) technical professionals; (2) legal experts in breach response and confidentiality breaches; (3) victim notification and remediation specialists; and (4) public relations advisors.
  2. Breach response process and team built around confidentiality breaches, breaches of attorney client privilege, and privacy breaches.
  3. Specialist advisors for ABA and related professional ethics violations, PCI breaches, trust account violations, and regulatory breaches.
  4. Expert guidance in ransomware attacks and extortion negotiation.
  5. Contractual risk guidance for firms with merchant banking contracts as well as firms that work with clients in regulated industries such as financial services or healthcare.

The incident response and claims handling services listed above are just a handful of the specialized cyber risk services we provide to our law firm clients. Please click here for a more detailed overview of the incident response and claims handling services incorporated into the SafeLaw program.