Security Breach Counsel

Our policy is more than just insurance–it’s a protection plan. When a breach incident occurs at your law firm, our experienced Security Breach Counsel stands ready to assist. Our network of knowledgeable cyber law attorneys respond to law firm breach incidents locally and across the country. Through our partnership with O’Hagan LLC and PLAN, our Security Breach Counsel is on call to assist clients in responding to actual and suspected confidential data security incidents and claims. Our team is equipped to respond immediately to large and complicated breaches, in addition to efficiently managing more limited and routine compromises of data security.

We advise clients on a variety of online and other breach related situations. Our attorneys are prepared to handle data breach response and related matters, including data breaches requiring notice in virtually all 50 states and numerous other countries. Our team will assist clients with the following:

  • Breach investigations; determinations of whether, how and when a breach occurred
  • Analysis of breach notification requirements
  • Preparation of notifications in compliance with applicable requirements
  • Interaction with state attorneys general and other governmental agencies, including law enforcement, in follow-up investigations
  • Defense of state bar association ethics or disciplinary inquiries or actions related to a data breach
  • Preparation for defense of individual and class claims

Our Security Breach Counsel is led by Kevin O’Hagan and the cyber liability attorneys of O’Hagan LLC. This team is headquartered in the heart of Chicago, but they are only a telephone call away. O’Hagan LLC is supported nationally by the Professional Liability Attorney Network (PLAN). PLAN is a national organization of independent, AV-rated law firms, specializing in a variety of related-industry law, including cyber liability law. If ever your legal needs extend the reach of our Security Breach Counsel and their local jurisdiction, PLAN has a network of law firms across the country with designated cyber practice leaders that stand ready to assist and bring your matter to a swift resolution.

Our team is available to assist your firm with incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach our lead Security Breach Counsel, Kevin O’Hagan, at (855) 247-4710. You can also learn more about O’Hagan LLC Here!